Consulting Services

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PC Control Technologies (PCT) specializes in Microsoft .NET, Windows Mobile, and Beckhoff Automation control system software. We develop products and offer services related to these technologies on mobile, embedded, and PC platforms. At PCT, we work closely with our clients, understanding their current and future needs. We aim to provide strategic products, solutions, and services that meet your short term and long term objectives.

Beckhoff Automation Engineering Services

  • Programming Beckhoff TwinCAT Systems since 2001
  • Expertise in EtherCAT, Fieldbus IO, and Industrial PC hardware
  • Embedded PC and Windows CE development (CX series)
  • TwinCAT PLC, Motion Control (NC), NCI, and CNC
  • ADS.NET, ASP.NET, and Indusoft HMI development
Beckhoff Control Systems Consulting

Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Embedded

  • Smart client solutions for industrial or consumer needs
  • Inspections, asset tracking, field service, workforce management, etc.
  • .NET Compact Framework development using Visual Studio
  • Help you select rugged mobile devices, for use in harsh environments
  • Integration of GPS, maps, barcodes, RFID, bluetooth, & serial devices
Windows Mobile and Embedded Development

SQL Server Architecture and Administration

  • Helping you with new designs or existing implementation & optimization
  • Server and database installation, setup, configuration, and upgrades
  • Performance analysis, availability, disaster recovery, and fault tolerance
  • Mobile merge replication and Occasionally Connected Applications (OCA)
  • Experience using Redgate Tools and other advanced 3rd party software  
SQL Server Database Architect Services

SQL Server Compact Edition and Merge Replication

  • SQL CE is an ideal offline data store for mobile or remote devices
  • Sync your data by Merge Replication, Web Services, or a combination
  • Our advice will help you decide the most efficient sync strategy
  • Our advice will help you avoid common Merge Replication pitfalls 
  • Best practices to efficiently filter data partitions to mobile devices
SQL Server Compact Edition and Merge Replication

ASP.NET Web Application Development

  • Developing sites and web applications since 1996
  • We use the latest AJAX, LINQ, MVC, and JQuery technologies
  • Web based report development using Crystal Reports 
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using WCF and Web Services
  • Administration portal development for mobile data solutions
ASP.NET Web Application Development

Windows Mobile and iPhone WebApp Development

  • Organizations cannot simply target the top 2 desktop browsers
  • We can help you target mobile browsers with new techniques
  • Use small pages, scripts, css, graphics, and compression
  • Use advanced techniques, like css sprites, to reduce request count
  • Use ASP.NET MVC & AJAX, returning HTML snippets instead of pages
Windows Mobile and iPhone Web Development