Our Work

Beckhoff Contractor System Integration

Beckhoff Engineering & Systems Integration

We are Beckhoff experts, and have been programming Beckhoff PLC's and motion control systems since 2002.

  • Programming Beckhoff TwinCAT Systems since 2001
  • Expertise in EtherCAT, Fieldbus IO, and Industrial PC hardware
  • Embedded PC and Windows CE development (CX series)
  • TwinCAT PLC, Motion Control (NC), NCI, and CNC
  • ADS.NET, ASP.NET, and Indusoft HMI development
  • We can assist with new system startups and installations.
  • We can help connect the factory to your office infrastructure and mobile workforce.
  • We can troubleshoot existing machines, integrate with other PLC's, or convert your entire plant to Beckhoff.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Do you have the next big idea? We can partner with you and help build it.

We can build basic prototypes, MVP's (minimum viable products), and can be there all the way through the full production solutions.

We've been there and understand your problems. Nick KLeinjan has worked with several startups, and is a three-peat entrepreneur. He co-founded the following successful companies.