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We build a variety of sofware systems. We specialize in responsive web interfaces, mobile app development, and big data back-end systems.

  • We build the core, big data back-end systems that are the foundation of modern, mobile first workflows. We use the latest NoSql and relational database technologies.
  • We build web sites, web portals, and mobile web api's that function and look great on any device. Today's software users typically interact through web portals or mobile app's that connect to a restful web api.
  • We build the native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps that have become part of our everyday life and power today's businesses.

Nick Kleinjan

Senior Seoftwre Developer and Architect

Nick Kleinjan Software Developer I am an energetic, senior software developer and engineer with nearly 20 years of custom programming experience. I work directly or on contract for companies large and small. I have also worked corp-to-corp with recruiters in the past and welcome inquiries. I made a few bucks along the way by launching some of my own ideas and companies as well.

I have written a tremendous amount of code myself over the years. More importantly though, I have been in positions where I’ve been driven to lead teams with developers who are more skilled and talented than me. It is extremely rewarding to lead and help talented programmers create great code. It is a challenge though, and a constant learning experience. My philosophy is that software development cannot function very well as a strict command and control structure. I strive in my leadership roles to implement an agile culture. My goal is to ensure that developers are able to take ownership of their projects. Developers should have opportunities to innovate and react to problems, while staying lock-step with the business units and stakeholders.

I have been operating my own consulting company since 2008, and I do my work from a space in downtown Minneapolis at www.cocomsp.com. I am an three-peat entrepreneur, co-founding www.hangit.com, www.buildingstart.com, and www.datanab.com. If you have the next great idea, let’s connect and see if we can make it happen.

I specialize in web development, but I also have experience in desktop and mobile development as well. My primary experience involves Microsoft technologies, including Xamarin, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, SQL Server, and Azure. I have mobile / responsive web UI/UX experience using many of the emerging front-end technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Zurb, Angular, and jQuery. I enjoy "Big Data" technologies and I am absorbed in learning about some of the latest NoSql technologies that have evolved to augment, or replace, traditional relational databases in some scenarios.

I have a niche specialty and interest in programming industrial systems and connecting factory equipment with the front-office. I have been programming Beckhoff Systems since 2001. I am proficient in IEC-1131 PLC logic, motion control, and CNC technologies.

If you believe I might be a good candidate to help out on your next project, or partner with you on your next idea, please connect with me today.